Julian Sanza & Andre Espeut - Perfect System


Julian Sanza and Andre Espeut, are two very familiar names in the scene. Julian, who hails from Argentinian/Cuban roots and Andre with his French/Caribbean heritage, come together to merge electronic dance, modern funk, soul and boogie, creating their own unique melting pot of goodness!

There's something distinctly anthemic about 'Perfect System'. Low slung, synthed up funk, with a house tinge driven by those sweet soulful vocal harmonies - sure to get stuck in your head for days.

OPOLOPO opens up the e.p. adding his trademark disco remix magic touch to the original - upping the tempo, laying a shuffling beat behind, pumping up the bassline and getting spiritual on the keys.

On the flip the 'Situation Remix' channels the inner improv funk, keeping the vocals to choice snippets before the 'Sare Havlicek Dub' rounds the e.p. off reworking the bass synth to the point where it exudes the sleaze.



1. Perfect System (OPOLOPO Remix)
2. Perfect System
3. Perfect System (Situation Remix)
4. Perfect System (Sare Havlicek Dub)