Dubspeeka - SK30


Drumcode reserve their Limited branch of releases for the special and outstanding productions. Pressing them onto vinyl only, providing the perfect collectors item and sound that techno lovers worldwide constantly pursue.
The current catalogue of Drumcode Limited releases include names such as Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Tom Demac & Glimpse, Ben Sims, Steve Rachmad, 2000 and One and Marco Faraone. Dubspeeka proudly joins the list of acclaimed artists to present the forthcoming vinyl only DCLTD20 - sk30.

Continuing his surge through the world of techno, the Bristol based producer has never strayed from the sound that has proven to be so popular amongst colleagues and fans alike.
The dark, haunting and powerful tones that resonate from the opening track sk30 showcase why dubspeeka has made his mark on the underground scene for a number of years.

Once again the chilling synth arrangements that have become synonymous with dubspeeka's style echo throughout the track clashing against the distorted vocal sample.

Yet another example of dubspeeka's unparalleled studio work, the production is intricately woven together with a tight thunderous kick drum demonstrating his prominence as an underground artist of the highest caliber. Markus Suckut provides excellent support on remix duties for sk30. Another purveyor of a unique sound, the German-based producer doesn't hold back when tackling this mammoth remix. The hard and relentless bassline conjures the perfect background for the bubbling synth tones and echoing percussion. Markus Suckut demonstrates his skill and experimentation that he pours into his own production with the powerful and enthralling remix of sk30.


A SK30
B SK30 (Markus Suckut Remix)