Amir Alexander - Dusk Till Dawn


Amir Alexander returns to Just Jack Recordings with his debut LP titled 'From Dusk till Dawn' featuring eight acid-tinged cuts, including the title track that delivers a cosmic synth excursion.

The album follows his mysterious and highly sought after 'Blessed Are The Meek' EP, which sparked intrigue when it was initially issued as an Unknown Artist release. Now Amir continues to showcase his raw analogue style with a full collection of dancefloor gems found on his new album. Get on the tip, these tracks are pure fire!


1. Lemmings OfåÊ A Cliff
2. In The Beginning

Side 2
1. Deep Blue Sea
2. Rube Boy!

Side 3
1. Dusk Till Dawn
2. Genesis 6

Side 4.
1. Blessed Are The Meek!
2. Weep Not