Alias - NRG

Brothers Harvey and Ryan McKay return to Drumcode with their dynamic Alias project. We were introduced to Alias last year when the McKay brothers dropped the impact-heavy ‰Û÷Visions‰۪ EP mid-way through 2017. The duo followed with a lauded contribution for Drumcode Live and the buzz from fans was palpable. The follow up sees the pair in powerhouse form. The title track ‰Û÷NRG‰۪ is an attitude-packed tour de force; compromised of aggressive snares, warped vocals and a tension-filled break, it has been smashed by Adam Beyer for the last six months. ‰Û÷Orange Sunshine‰۪ pulls no punches as it dishes out apocalyptic acid paired with the sibling‰۪s startling drum work. ‰Û÷The Event‰۪ rounds out the EP and is anvexhilarating affair propelled by uplifting synth lines and a buzzing energetic bassline.
Alias - NRG
Alias - Orange Sunshine
Alias - The Event