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Nudie Jeans has been on the go since 2003 and hence the name they make bloody good jeans with an ethical take on the environment.

They make all there jeans with 100% Organically grown cotton, they offer a free repair service and if you want to get rid of an old pair give them back to Nudie and they will give you 20% off your next pair, the ones you give them will then be repaired by them and sold second hand.

“WE LOVE JEANS, a passion we share with anyone who mourns a worn-out pair like the passing of a close friend. No fabric ages quit as beautifully as denim; the longer you wear your jeans, the more character and attitude they acquire. You shape them with your lifestyle, and they become like a second skin. Jeans share the same soul and attitude found in the rock’n’roll scene — they’re both part of the same culture.”