Rony Seikaly - Sword EP


Following his uplifting 2015 single Holdin On and its techy B-side Faces, Rony Seikaly is back for another release on Yoshitoshi that proves this renaissance man is a force to be reckoned with in modern house music. The two tracks on this EP possess deep grooves, but also flex a fair amount of melodic muscle. They liken back to the sound Yoshitoshi became well known for in its infancy. The Sword centers around some tribal percussion and carefully woven melodic ideas, but the tracks focus is decidedly on low end. A burly, assertive bass gives the mix a driving character suited for late nights. At time it feels like a modern take on progressive house from another era. All Of A Sudden is more or less an extension of the first track, giving the EP defined consistency. It's a delicately arranged and straightforward house feeler; the meat coming from a multitude of interlaced chords and melodies maneuvering carefully over more tribal percussion and a monstrous kick. The mission here is to inspire awe and wonder in dancers, and Seikaly delivers on both accounts......

A The Sword
B All Of A Sudden