Chiapet - Tick Tock (Remixes)

Few records have gained such a legendary status as Chiapet̴̥s Tick Tock. The 12̴ÌÒ single, released in 1997, brings back memories for any house or techno DJ of the era. Now it is making its return as a Yoshi Classic, with fresh remixes from Loco & Jam, Robosonic, and Perc. Loco & Jam̴̥s mix is a nothing short of a powerhouse. About as driving as techno gets and armed to the teeth with noise, it has become a staple in Sharam̴̥s recent sets. He says of the mix, ̴ÌÕI can count on that one to go off every time.̴ÌÒ Robosonic opts for a more groovy approach to the record, using the original chords to create pumping rhythms ideal for peak filler and evening sets. It̴̥s not quite house, but not quite techno; the diverse duo once again shows they̴̥re comfortable working with a variety of sound palettes. Finally there is Perc, whose remix is exactly what you would expect from the industrial techno figurehead. Dark and delightfully twisted, it will surely find a happy home in the corridors of Berghain. Of course to round out the package, we̴̥ve had the original Apocalypse Now mix remastered by Pole, and his delivery was exquisite. Huge yet dynamic, new life has been breathed into this classic mix. We hope you enjoy this Yoshi Classic remix package and will join us in celebrating the return of Tick Tock. Look out for the 12̴ÌÒ available soon.
A1 Tick Tock (Robosonic Remix)
A2 Tick Tock (Perc Remix)
B1 Tick Tock (Loco & Jam Remix)
B2 Tick Tock (Original Mix)