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The Seaview Review 004- The North Face Genesis Print Nuptse

The Seaview Review 004- The North Face Genesis Print Nuptse


Right then, where do I start with this. It’s the North Face Genesis Print Nuptse and it’s one of the most electrifying things I have ever laid my weary eyes on. I’ve been sat staring at it for half an hour now and my head is absolutely chocka. It's wavy, outrageous and darn right rude. An absolutely phenomenal piece of outerwear that demands respect.

Every time I look at the baffling print that adorns the puffy baffles of the jacket, I see something different. Is it paisley? Oriental? Italian Renaissance? Who knows, but it’s breathtaking. The most logical thing I can describe the pattern as, is a Wetherspoons carpet on acid. We asked 100 people on the streets of Cleethorpes what they thought about it. But it was a complete waste of time and resources as they were all lost for words, rendered completely mute by it's sheer audacity and beauty.


It’s not for the feint hearted that’s for sure. You won’t just be turning heads with this on, you’ll be making them spin. It’s a certified neck breaker of a garment, so wear with caution and if you don’t think you're up to seeing it in person, then please, remain indoors. If you’re brave though and like to be outdoors, it’s perfect, as the durable, water repellent finish on the jacket means you won't be left sodden if caught in a sudden shower. Also the adjustable velcro straps on the sleeve cuffs and the adjustable elasticated toggle around the bottom mean which means you can make it borderline air-tight to keep in all that precious body warmth when you’re fighting against the elements.


The North Face Nuptse is a tried and tested staple of any winter wardrobe. Just like any other Nuptse, when you slide this on and zip it right up, it fills you with a level of warmth and comfort that can only be matched by them hugs you used to get as a kid off your Grannie, after she’d just slipped you a crisp tenner on the sly. The puffy jackets iconic baffles are plumply packed with RDS certified goose down to give it that classic bubbly silhouette.


The pockets are class, they’re really roomy and perfect for your valuables. Yano, like your keys, wallet & phone, or even dog shit bags for when you’re out wth your mutt. Most importantly though, they’re good for your hands when it’s baltic and your digits need some refuge.


So yeah, there it is North Face Genesis Print Nuptse review. I can’t stress enough how class this coat is, you’ll get guaranteed satisfaction with every wear. We’ve got them for sale right here if you’re interested.


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