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Clarks Originals Desert Trek Off White

The Seaview Review 002 - Clarks Originals Desert Trek


The thermometer is set to hit the dizzy heights of 13 degrees later this week and I saw some topless, pale chavs walking past the shop earlier today, so summer can’t be far away. Now you're aware of this encouraging news, I think it’s about time you start considering your footwear options for the coming months. Your luck is in though, because we’ve made your decision an easy one, by getting some brand new Clarks Originals Desert Trek’s in-store for you. Don't say we don't treat you.

Iconic yet understated, the Desert Trek is a walking contradiction, and a comfortable one at that. They rose to prominence in the 70’s, championed by an unlikely crowd, Jamaican Rude Boys and the dancehall scene. This was because they were the perfect shoe for the tropical, urban jungle of Kingston. Look, if Jamaican’s say they’re cool, it renders any opposing opinion invalid, and frankly, quite embarrassing.


Like any product from Clarks Originals, comfort is paramount. The combination of the crepe sole and suede upper has been a winning formula for Clarks Originals over the years, and the Desert Trek model is the pinnacle of this. The central seam that runs down the middle of the shoe gives it a unique aesthetic, like a piping hot Cornish pastie but twice as tasty.


Andrex puppies, Swedish models & Custard Creams. All the finer things in life are blonde. The neutral, creamy tones of the Desert Trek have their own special place in this elite club. They’re a real treat for the eyes. It’s almost a shame that they’re made from a stunning cream suede because they’re gonna have you feeling like you can walk on water.

The hiking man on the back of the shoe is a classic detail and over in Jamaica was re-interpreted as a criminal, fleeing with a bag of swag over his shoulder. Combine this with the fact that the crepe sole makes your footsteps quieter and you can begin to understand why the Desert Trek quickly gained the alternative moniker 'The Bank Robber' in the Caribbean. So, if you and your shady pals have got any nefarious activity in the pipeline then these are the perfect getaway wheels for you. 


Hesitation is the biggest killer of dreams, so don’t delay on these dreamboats, you can buy them right here, right now.



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