Sock Club: Sock It To 'Em

We get excited about a good pair of socks. Long gone are the days when socks were considered a dodgy Christmas stocking present, and boring sock drawers are definitely a thing of the past. Here at Grants.1856, we thought what better way to celebrate having trendy toes than starting a Sock Club? So here we are. Sock Club has well and truly arrived, and we’re psyched, by the psychedelic palates.

“What’s the craic? How does it work?” you say.

It’s simple really. The next time you make a purchase here at Grants.1856, we’ll offer you your own exclusive membership card to Sock Club, as well as a unique code to use next time you shop with us. From then on, every time you spend over £50.00 in our store or online, you’ll be able to enter your code and receive a snazzy pair of socks to add to your collection. Easy? Yep. Fun socks, fun times? We think so. Our Grants team wouldn’t have it any other way. 

And trust us, these socks are worth having. Good for all seasons, made from the very best rich fabric and the perfect complement to any outfit, getting on board with our Sock Club will ensure that you can look great from head to toe. Here we're wearing them with our favourite pair of Adidas. We’ve got a load of styles for you to try, so what are you waiting for? Treat your feet, join our Sock Club, and sock it to ‘em.

Lovingly Crafted BY MP Garments, and given by Grants 1856.

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