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The Seaview Review 006 - Folk soft collar Ikat shirt

The Seaview Review 006 - Folk soft collar Ikat shirt


So spring officially sprung last week then. Time to dust off those winter cobwebs and get shot of those ridiculous looking thermal fleeces you’ve been wearing for what seems like an eternity. Look I know they’re practical but they’re not very awe inspiring, not like what I’m about to show you right now.

The Folk soft collar Ikat shirt in ecru & indigo blue. It’s bloody lovely and it’ll have you swaggering around your local like one of those villainously cool bossmen from Narcos. It’s light and breezy, making wearing really easy.


The Ikat fabric is exclusively designed by Folk to their meticulously high standards and gives the shirt a really attractive and striking Indonesian aesthetic. The cuban style soft collar makes for an extremely relaxed fit, which will have you sat there dreaming of margaritas and senoritas. Exotic and packed with flavour this shirt is bound to be a trusty wardrobe staple, fit for all your summer endeavours both home and away.


The blurred navy dots that adorn the Ikat fabric are a very eye catching detail, and will be an excellent conversation starter at them awkward family barbecues you get dragged to every summer. Looking at this shirt, is like looking at a regular polka dot shirt when you’ve been on the piss all day, so I’m excited to look at it when I am actually leathered.


It can be worn a multitude of ways. Buttoned up or open with a t-shirt underneath for more casual styling. If you’ve got the audacity though why not wear it open with nothing underneath (Probably wouldn’t get away with that in Cleethorpes but it’s a strong look which I endorse all the same).


But aye, it’s a lovely piece this shirt and probably my favourite of all the shirts we have in this season. You can take a closer look at it here, but don’t stare at it too long because your eyes might go square.


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