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The Seaview Review 005- Colorful Standard Classic Organic Crew Sweatshirt

The Seaview Review 005- Colorful Standard Classic Organic Crew Sweatshirt


Rain clouds are in the air, but so is the smell of spring, and the eternal optimists among you are no doubt already looking to overhaul your drab wardrobe for the fairer months. If you are one of said people, then riddle me this. Do you like high quality jumpers? Yes…! Garms that don’t shrink in the wash? Obviously…! What about clothes that come in a stunning array of colours? Definitely..!

Well, let me introduce Colorful Standard. They’re a Danish brand which make impeccable basics in some of the loveliest colours known to man. As with many Scandinavian brands, Colorful Standard are forward thinking and eco-conscious. They use Organic Cotton in their garments which isn’t grown from genetically modified seeds, and also donate 5% of their profits to charity. So that's good, innit?


As the name suggests, Colorful Standard are real sticklers for detail when it comes to colour selection and dyeing processes. They work relentlessly to ensure every shade and glow is spot on. The jumpers are then precisely garment dyed post-wash, to breathe extra life into the sweatshirt fabric.


The super-soft brushed cotton inside the jumper makes for a snug, comfortable fit. So comfortable in fact that you’ll want to wear it everywhere. Pub, club, bath, bed, literally everywhere. The only thing softer than the cotton, is the range of colours we’ve got in this season. Attractive, pastel hues that instantly make you think of beer gardens, ice cream and strolls along the beach.


They’re not arsed about design trends, because trends come and go. Instead, they make high quality, minimal, pieces which will stand the test of time, in both a stylish and wearing sense. Durable, beautiful and dependable. If The Colorful Standard crewneck was a race horse, it would be Tiger Roll. They’re both brilliant jumpers.


If you want to take a closer look at these then do so by clicking here.


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