Norse Projects Interview: The Latest Collection

Posted on April 07 2017

Norse Projects Interview: The Latest Collection

This week at Grants.1856, we brought a dash of Northern charm to the capital when we headed down to London to meet Tom from Norse Projects. 

In amongst chatting to him about the Norse store playlist (lots of Fleetwood Mac) and where he was headed after the interview (on holiday, apparently), we got to ask him about the latest collection. Have a read.

“Right then Tom, what’s the theme for the collection this year?”

“This year, our collection has mostly been inspired by the Bauhaus movement.” (For those of you who would need to Google it, Bauhaus was a German art school which started a movement in 1919, bridging the gap between art and industry by combining crafts and fine arts. Who knew?) “We took inspiration from Bauhaus architecture and more minimalist styles.”

“And the colour palette?”

“The colour palette comes from the late 70s No Wave movement from New York City. It was a time of punks and jazz and a bit of soul, all fused together. This has been reflected in the pieces.”

“Nice. Do you have a favourite piece?”

“Yeah - definitely the rust chord shirt.”

“And why’s that your favourite piece?”

“I wasn’t alive in the 70s, but it reminds me of the style that was popular back then and it's a little bit different. I think it looks really cool.”

We agree.

After wrapping up our chat, we got to check out the entire range. It confirmed that Norse Projects are still smashing their designs, and we’re stoked here at Grants.1856 as always with this collection.

If you fancy adding a bit of Bauhaus to your life it will be available mid November, head to our Norse Projects page right here to see what we've got: Enjoy!

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