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The man behind the name is synonymous as 'The Alligator' You'll see what we mean later on. The tennis legend or the founder of the eponymous brand you ask? Well he's both a true gent who believed in fair play who was a genius inventor who is firmly behind the clothing revolution. 

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Révolution du Polo

In the words of Rene - “Above all, elegance requires clothes that are adapted to the situation or circumstances.” and as good as his word, René Lacoste proceeded to cut off the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt, which he felt is hardly appropriate for the game of tennis. Revolution was not televised. The year is 1933. The polo is born; the Lacoste style defined. Even though, since 1933, the style of the polo has shifted with the fashion, its manufacturing methods have not if it ain't broke don't fix it!


The Story of the Crocodile

Whilst on a trip to Boston René encounters a large crocodile on the 8th Green of the golf course and it bit of his hand- actually no, I'm getting confused with Happy Gilmore here's what actually happened:

During a trip to Boston with the 1923 Davis Cup team, René Lacoste notices a crocodile suitcase. “If you win, I’ll buy it for you,” jokes his coach Alan Muhr before a match. This anecdote, captured by a nearby journalist from the Boston Evening Transcript, is behind his nickname, “The Alligator”, and quickly becomes the brand emblem.


We're stoked to be a stockist of Lacoste, long live the Alligator - René Lacoste may your legacy proceed you.

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