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    The Seaview Review 006 - Folk soft collar Ikat shirt

    The Seaview Review 006 - Folk soft collar Ikat shirt


    So spring officially sprung last week then. Time to dust off those winter cobwebs and get shot of those ridiculous looking thermal fleeces you’ve been wearing for what seems like an eternity. Look I know they’re practical but they’re not very awe inspiring, not like what I’m about to show you right now.

    The Folk soft collar Ikat shirt in ecru & indigo blue. It’s bloody lovely and it’ll have you swaggering around your local like one of those villainously cool bossmen from Narcos. It’s light and breezy, making wearing really easy.


    The Ikat fabric is exclusively designed by Folk to their meticulously high standards and gives the shirt a really attractive and striking Indonesian aesthetic. The cuban style soft collar makes for an extremely relaxed fit, which will have you sat there dreaming of margaritas and senoritas. Exotic and packed with flavour this shirt is bound to be a trusty wardrobe staple, fit for all your summer endeavours both home and away.


    The blurred navy dots that adorn the Ikat fabric are a very eye catching detail, and will be an excellent conversation starter at them awkward family barbecues you get dragged to every summer. Looking at this shirt, is like looking at a regular polka dot shirt when you’ve been on the piss all day, so I’m excited to look at it when I am actually leathered.


    It can be worn a multitude of ways. Buttoned up or open with a t-shirt underneath for more casual styling. If you’ve got the audacity though why not wear it open with nothing underneath (Probably wouldn’t get away with that in Cleethorpes but it’s a strong look which I endorse all the same).


    But aye, it’s a lovely piece this shirt and probably my favourite of all the shirts we have in this season. You can take a closer look at it here, but don’t stare at it too long because your eyes might go square.


    The Seaview Review 005- Colorful Standard Classic Organic Crew Sweatshirt

    The Seaview Review 005- Colorful Standard Classic Organic Crew Sweatshirt


    Rain clouds are in the air, but so is the smell of spring, and the eternal optimists among you are no doubt already looking to overhaul your drab wardrobe for the fairer months. If you are one of said people, then riddle me this. Do you like high quality jumpers? Yes…! Garms that don’t shrink in the wash? Obviously…! What about clothes that come in a stunning array of colours? Definitely..!

    Well, let me introduce Colorful Standard. They’re a Danish brand which make impeccable basics in some of the loveliest colours known to man. As with many Scandinavian brands, Colorful Standard are forward thinking and eco-conscious. They use Organic Cotton in their garments which isn’t grown from genetically modified seeds, and also donate 5% of their profits to charity. So that's good, innit?


    As the name suggests, Colorful Standard are real sticklers for detail when it comes to colour selection and dyeing processes. They work relentlessly to ensure every shade and glow is spot on. The jumpers are then precisely garment dyed post-wash, to breathe extra life into the sweatshirt fabric.


    The super-soft brushed cotton inside the jumper makes for a snug, comfortable fit. So comfortable in fact that you’ll want to wear it everywhere. Pub, club, bath, bed, literally everywhere. The only thing softer than the cotton, is the range of colours we’ve got in this season. Attractive, pastel hues that instantly make you think of beer gardens, ice cream and strolls along the beach.


    They’re not arsed about design trends, because trends come and go. Instead, they make high quality, minimal, pieces which will stand the test of time, in both a stylish and wearing sense. Durable, beautiful and dependable. If The Colorful Standard crewneck was a race horse, it would be Tiger Roll. They’re both brilliant jumpers.


    If you want to take a closer look at these then do so by clicking here.


    The Seaview Review 004- The North Face Genesis Print Nuptse

    The Seaview Review 004- The North Face Genesis Print Nuptse


    Right then, where do I start with this. It’s the North Face Genesis Print Nuptse and it’s one of the most electrifying things I have ever laid my weary eyes on. I’ve been sat staring at it for half an hour now and my head is absolutely chocka. It's wavy, outrageous and darn right rude. An absolutely phenomenal piece of outerwear that demands respect.

    Every time I look at the baffling print that adorns the puffy baffles of the jacket, I see something different. Is it paisley? Oriental? Italian Renaissance? Who knows, but it’s breathtaking. The most logical thing I can describe the pattern as, is a Wetherspoons carpet on acid. We asked 100 people on the streets of Cleethorpes what they thought about it. But it was a complete waste of time and resources as they were all lost for words, rendered completely mute by it's sheer audacity and beauty.


    It’s not for the feint hearted that’s for sure. You won’t just be turning heads with this on, you’ll be making them spin. It’s a certified neck breaker of a garment, so wear with caution and if you don’t think you're up to seeing it in person, then please, remain indoors. If you’re brave though and like to be outdoors, it’s perfect, as the durable, water repellent finish on the jacket means you won't be left sodden if caught in a sudden shower. Also the adjustable velcro straps on the sleeve cuffs and the adjustable elasticated toggle around the bottom mean which means you can make it borderline air-tight to keep in all that precious body warmth when you’re fighting against the elements.


    The North Face Nuptse is a tried and tested staple of any winter wardrobe. Just like any other Nuptse, when you slide this on and zip it right up, it fills you with a level of warmth and comfort that can only be matched by them hugs you used to get as a kid off your Grannie, after she’d just slipped you a crisp tenner on the sly. The puffy jackets iconic baffles are plumply packed with RDS certified goose down to give it that classic bubbly silhouette.


    The pockets are class, they’re really roomy and perfect for your valuables. Yano, like your keys, wallet & phone, or even dog shit bags for when you’re out wth your mutt. Most importantly though, they’re good for your hands when it’s baltic and your digits need some refuge.


    So yeah, there it is North Face Genesis Print Nuptse review. I can’t stress enough how class this coat is, you’ll get guaranteed satisfaction with every wear. We’ve got them for sale right here if you’re interested.


    The Seaview Review 003 - Aquascutum Mason Club Check Cap

    The Seaview Review 003 - Aquascutum Mason Club Check Cap


    We’ve just got some of them new Aquascutum caps in and they’re absolutely excellent. They're a classic baseball silhouette, embellished with the iconic club check print that's louder than Danny Dyer screaming 'YOU SLAAAAAG!' through a megaphone. As with anything Aquascutum, the quality is cracking and excels in all weather conditions (Aquascutum is Italian for 'water shield' you know.) This useless little piece of trivia brings me onto my first and only question in this review…

    It is the age old question, and the litmus test for anything considered worthy in this world. "Can it do it on a wet and cold Tuesday night in Stoke?” The answer is, yes it can, it definitely can. It’s showerproof this cap. So it’s perfect if you want to keep the rain off of your head at the match or if you’re just in the market for a real high-end, luxury shower cap. It’s also equipped with a really sturdy peak that’s good for keeping the sun out of your eyes.


    There’s a generously sized fastening strap on the rear to accommodate for lads like me who are members of the Fat Head Alliance, and the industrial strength metal clasp is very, very strong. So you can do it up real tight. It’s handy that, because it means it won’t fall off your head in a sea of flailing limbs when Harry Clifton slots home the 93rd minute winner against Lincoln City, at Wembley, in the League 2 Play-off Final in May. FISH! The strap can be worn either tucked back into the hat through a metal eyelet (boring) or just left sticking out for that proper authentic, scallywag aesthetic (mint.)


    The versatility of Aquascutum clothing, makes it perfect for any occasion.The cap could be styled with a powder pink jumper tied around you shoulders and a glass of Pimms at The Henley Royal Regatta. Alternatively, the cap could be styled just as effectively with an 18 stone, balding, Millwall fan with his hands around your neck 45 minutes before kick off.


    All in all, the cap is a first class product, a real triumph of stylish rainwear engineering, and should be snapped up immediately. You can do this right now if you fancy by clicking the handy link just here.



    The Seaview Review 002 - Clarks Originals Desert Trek

    Clarks Originals Desert Trek Off White


    The thermometer is set to hit the dizzy heights of 13 degrees later this week and I saw some topless, pale chavs walking past the shop earlier today, so summer can’t be far away. Now you're aware of this encouraging news, I think it’s about time you start considering your footwear options for the coming months. Your luck is in though, because we’ve made your decision an easy one, by getting some brand new Clarks Originals Desert Trek’s in-store for you. Don't say we don't treat you.

    Iconic yet understated, the Desert Trek is a walking contradiction, and a comfortable one at that. They rose to prominence in the 70’s, championed by an unlikely crowd, Jamaican Rude Boys and the dancehall scene. This was because they were the perfect shoe for the tropical, urban jungle of Kingston. Look, if Jamaican’s say they’re cool, it renders any opposing opinion invalid, and frankly, quite embarrassing.


    Like any product from Clarks Originals, comfort is paramount. The combination of the crepe sole and suede upper has been a winning formula for Clarks Originals over the years, and the Desert Trek model is the pinnacle of this. The central seam that runs down the middle of the shoe gives it a unique aesthetic, like a piping hot Cornish pastie but twice as tasty.


    Andrex puppies, Swedish models & Custard Creams. All the finer things in life are blonde. The neutral, creamy tones of the Desert Trek have their own special place in this elite club. They’re a real treat for the eyes. It’s almost a shame that they’re made from a stunning cream suede because they’re gonna have you feeling like you can walk on water.

    The hiking man on the back of the shoe is a classic detail and over in Jamaica was re-interpreted as a criminal, fleeing with a bag of swag over his shoulder. Combine this with the fact that the crepe sole makes your footsteps quieter and you can begin to understand why the Desert Trek quickly gained the alternative moniker 'The Bank Robber' in the Caribbean. So, if you and your shady pals have got any nefarious activity in the pipeline then these are the perfect getaway wheels for you. 


    Hesitation is the biggest killer of dreams, so don’t delay on these dreamboats, you can buy them right here, right now.